The Net-Works project is a three year-long Erasmus + project with the aim to establish new national or regional networks of adult education providers, and facilitate their involvement in European cooperation.

Presentation of the project

What is the Net-Works project?

It is a three year-long Erasmus + funded project which aims to establish new national or regional networks of work-based adult education providers, notably in Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and North Macedonia and to facilitate their involvement in European cooperation. 

Who are the partners?

It gathers partners from all over Europe: ENSIE from Belgium (lead partner), ISEN from Ireland, Ateliere Fara Frontiere from Romania, Galileo Progetti from Hungary, Community Development Institute – CDI from North Macedonia,  Associação A3S from Portugal, Association of Social Economy Entities - ASSE from Slovakia and Initiative for Development and Cooperation – IDC from Serbia!

What will we do during the project?

During the project we will:

  • Create 1 MOOC on “Networks of work-based adult education providers capacity building”,
  • Organize 5 peer-to-peer sessions to learn more from each other on various topics,
  • Have 2 roundtables to exchange about work-based adult education methodologies,
  • Have 2 study visits between a new network and an experienced one.
  • Organize 2 meetings with experts
  • Prepare an inventory of successful methodologies, a guidebook on external communication, a repertory of financial sustainability and a sustainability roadmap.

If you want to know more about the Net-Works project, the project partners and what are its goals and what it aims to do, go read this article

The project started in December 2020 and will run until November 2023.

Click here to find all the latest news about the Net-Works project! 

Project deliverables!

Country reports

In the framework of the project, the partners prepared their first deliverable, a country report taking stock of the situation of WISEs in all the countries of the partnership, with a comparaison with the European situation. 

In it you can find more about the national status for WISEs and legislations, financial support and incentives, the existence of national/regional networks, ... 

You can find the report in all the languages of the partnership! 

You can find also synthetic country fiches, with a summary of all the information gathered in the country reports in 2 pages for each country! 


Country Report in English Download
Country Report in Serbian Download
Country Report in Hungarian Download
Country Report in North-Macedonian Download
Country Report in Slovakian Download
Country Report in Romanian Download
Country Report in Portuguese Download


Synthetic Country Fiche - Ireland Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - Hungary Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - North Macedonia Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - Romania Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - Serbia Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - Portugal Download
Synthetic Country Fiche - Slovakia Download

Good practices

The second deliverable of the project are the presentation of good practices from all the partners countries. In those, you can find examples of WISEs, what they are doing and how they work. 

We hope that those examples will inspire you ! 


Association for rural development - MK Download
Green Kitchen Cafe Garden - IE Download
KockaCsoki - HU Download
PACE Social Enterprise - IE Download
Proxiservice - BE Download
Dar Sentido a Vida - PT Download
Semear Academia - PT Download
Cafe Bar 16 - SR Download
Golyatobor - HU Download
WASCO Cooperative - SK Download
Resource centre for parents of children with special needs - MK Download
Ateliere Fara Frontiere - RO Download
Chrono - SR Download

Project newsletter

Every 6 months, the project partners are preparing a newsletter to present the latest news about the project and the work done by the partnership! 

Read the third newsletter here! 

Read the second the newsletter here! 

Read the first newsletter here! 

Project's activities

5th Peer to Peer meeting

On November, 7th the project partners met online for the 5th and last peer to peer working session during which they focused on networks financial sustainability. A very insightful and interesting session for all networks! 

More about it here. 

Meeting with stakeholders in Serbia

On the 26th and 27th of September IDC spent two days at Divcibare with a pool of stakeholders in the field of social economy. During those two days were gathered social entrepreneurs, experts in the field of social economy, representatives of the Association of enterprises for professional rehabilitation, Chamber of Commerce, Coalition for Development of Solidarity Economy (KoRSE), and founders of the SENS network. The goal was to review the interest of the participants, primarily social entrepreneurs, to develop further a network of social enterprises in Serbia, that is foreceen in the framework of the Net-Works project. 

You can find the whole story here

The Net-Works project study visit to Dublin!

On Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September, the Net-Works project partners met in Dublin for a study visit to various WISEs and exchange about WISEs networks and policies. he partners visited two WISEs Siel Blue Social Enterprise and Caffe Together and exchanged with the Irish Social Enterprises network about their work and with the Dublin City Council about their policy to develop social entrepreneurship on their territories. Initiative for Development and Cooperation – IDC, one of the partners in the project, reports about it.

You can find the whole summary of this visit here. 


Dublin's project meeting!

On June 22nd, the project partners met in Dublin! It was a very fruitful meeting with very interesting discussions around the project, national social economy legislation, the need, or not, of a legal form for national networks. 

You can read more about it and the next project steps here !

Representation and Leadership in WISEs networks - 4th Peer to Peer session

On May 23rd  the project partners met for the fourth peer-to-peer session to discuss "Representation and Leadership in WISEs networks". This session helped the partners to define some crucial words to continue their work supporting networks building. 

You can find more about this meeting here. 

Webinar in the framework of the EU VET Skills Week

ENSIE organised, with the Net-Works project partners a webinar in the framework of the EU VET Skills Week on “What skills are needed to build a (WISEs) network?” to present the first findings of the Net-Works project.

You can find more about this event here.

Net-Works project's third peer-to-peer session

On December 2nd, the Net-Works project partners met in Tetovo (North-Macedonia) and online for the 3rd project meeting. All the partners were glad to meet each other in a hybrid way to take stock of what has been done in the last few months regarding the project and what is expected for the future  The day after, the partners gathered again in Tetovo and online, this time for the 3rd hybrid peer-to-peer working session, this time dedicated to advocacy, led by ISEN and AFF. The day after, the partners gathered again in Tetovo and online, this time for the 3rd hybrid peer-to-peer working session, this time dedicated to advocacy, led by ISEN and AFF.

You can the summary of this meeting here. 

Report from the 1st Study Visit.

On October 28th and 29th, the project partners met in Bucharest, Romania, for the first study visit of the Net-Works project. The study visit consisted in two parts, first a “good practices transfer” session on the 28th with all the partners followed by a SWOT analysis of social enterprises networks. On the 29th, partners joined an advocacy meeting with the State Secretary of the Romanian Labour Ministry. 

You can read more about it here. 


Study Visit in Bucharest : Report Download

Project meeting in Bucharest - 28/29 October 2021

At the end of October, the partners gathered in Bucharest  and online to participate to a project meeting in order to exchange on how to build a network. They also had the opportunity to meet with Oana-Silvia Țoiu, member of the Romanian Parliament. 

You can read more about this meeting here. 


Second peer-to-peer meeting - September, 13th, 2021

In September, the project partners met for the second peer-to-peer session to discuss "The perks of adhering to a network" . This session focused on the analysis of what the in depth motivation of organisations is to adhere to a network; it was divided into three parts, each one addressing one question.
Learn more about it here!

First project Meeting - 7/8 July 2021

On July 7th and 8th, the project partners met in Bucharest, Romania, it was a good opportunity to exchange about the project latest news and next developments. We took the chance to visit a few adult work based education providers, Concordia, AFF and Viitor Plus, all members of RISE Romania!

Learn more about it here!

First peer-to-peer meeting - March, 25th 2021

In March, the project partners met for the first peer-to-peer session to discuss what is a network, how it works and what can a network bring to its members. It was a very important first step to set up the scene at the beginning of the project!
Learn more about it here!

Kick-Off meeting - February, 10th 2021

In February, the project partners met for the project kick-off meeting to get to know each other and to establish what will be the first step about the project. and facilitaite their involvement in European cooperation.

Learn more about it here!

Project opportunities



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