“Legal Ecosystems for Social Economy- Peer Learning Partnership” PL4SE – PLP



The Project PL4SE – PLP aims to set ambitious regulatory frameworks to fully unleash the potential of social economy enterprises and organisations.

The project is funded in the framework of the OECD Global Action on “Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” financed by the European Union’s Foreign Partnership Instrument whose main objective is to share knowledge and promote learning to support the social economy.

You can find all the information about the project on the CEPES website. 



The PL4SE-PLP project aims to support the development of favourable legal ecosystems by: 

  • Establishing guidelines for promoting the legal frameworks to the Social Economy as a whole.
  • Identifying the common principles of the legal frameworks of Social Economy entities (cooperatives, mutuals, associations, foundations, social enterprises, etc).
  • Promoting the mainstreaming of social economy in key socioeconomic policies at national, subnational and international levels



The project is based on a peer-learning methodology, aiming at supporting exchanges of experiences and best practices among the consortium partners on three main axes:

  • Axis 1 aims to analyse the existence of the overall legal framework, that’s to say, the national and regional laws for the social economy.
  • Axis 2 aims to analyse the existence of reference legal frameworks in terms of specific regulations of the entities in the social economy (cooperatives, wises, mutuals, social enterprises, etc.).
  • Axis 3 aims to is to analyse the existence of specific regulations for the social economy within general legal matters, such as, for example, procurement regulations, or tax regulations etc. (The "context" rules that facilitate the functioning of the social economy.).



This project is based on a peer-learning methodology, aiming at supporting exchanges of experiences and best practices and at facilitating the learning process through the exchange among 25 partners coming from 3 continents (EU27, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Mexico and the United States).

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