Work integration in the Mediterranean area

Presentation of the project

Following a call for tender launched by its French member, la fédération des entreprises d’insertion, ENSIE conducted a study on Work integration in the Mediterranean area.

In Europe, work integration, which is represented by autonomous economic entities whose main objective is the professional integration of people experiencing serious difficulties in the labor market, varies greatly from one country to the other. Differences in the legal status, the integration patterns of the disadvantaged worker, the definition of the target group, the mobilization of financial resources can be observed. Despite these differences, work integration systems have all demonstrated their capacity and resilience. Nevertheless, the need for consolidation and development is always an imperative and for this reason the economic entities in the different countries seek and propose new solutions which will be studied and analyzed in this study to feed the reflections of la ‘fédération des entreprises d’insertion’ on the evolution of the work integration social enterprise model in France.

This study will be particularly interesting for the south and east of the Mediterranean where the subject is less documented. The study will demonstrate all the interest in sharing good practices, as each of the actors of work integration evolves in different contexts, which stimulate innovation and creativity, and from which everyone can learn.


  • conduct a study on work integration in the various countries bordering the Mediterranean and submit this study in printed form to the participants of the Congress of la fédé (400 persons expected);
  • prepare the different times of the congress of la fédération des entreprises d'insertion (round tables, conferences, etc.) in connection with this study (research, solicitation and booking of the European speakers for the different themes addressed at the 2017 Congress, brief, Etc.).


ENSIE is conducting this study together with ANIMA Investment Network, in close collaboration with its French member La Fédération des entreprises d'insertion.

Step by Step

2017 FEI Congress on work integration in the Mediterranean area - 16 & 17/11/2017 - Marseilles, France

ENSIE and its members gather in Marseille at the occasion of the Congress organised by its member 'La Fédération des entreprises d'insertion' and organise its Board of Directors meeting in parallel of the active participation of all in the Congress workshops and plenaries.


The study will be conducted between February and July 2017 and will be published in French with an English translation of the abstract.

The results of the study will be presented during the 2017 FEI Congress dedicated to work integration in the Mediterranean area to be held on 16 & 17 November 2016 in Marseille, France.

Project opportunities


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