Our mission

ENSIE represents the interests of national and regional networks of ‘Work Integration Social Enterprises’ (WISEs) striving for more inclusive and integrated forms of employment at European level. 


According to our Impact WISEs study on disadvantaged workers who went through the WISEs' pathway to integration : 

  • 78% found a job in the same WISE, another WISE or classic labour market
  • 2.2 % found a job as self-employed or professional training

Our members pursue the objective of social integration of disadvantaged people taking into account local constraints. The networks are made up by enterprises which are following those central principles:

Social and professional integration of individuals who, due to their exclusion and their relegation to a marginal role in society, have fallen victim to increasing social and professional challenges; 

Enterprises at the core economic system: work integration social enterprises have decided to carry on their activities at the very core of the current economic system, which often plays a significant role in the phenomenon of social exclusion

In comparing to conventional enterprises, WISEs provides a focus on the individual, which is essential to people presenting with social and professional challenges. Based on strong pedagogical methods, WISEs initiate training and educational programs designed around the existing potential of the target group and develop this individual potential (at a professional level and in the participation in society) within the enterprise. This approach is crucial for the effective sustainable integration of disadvantaged people. 

Our budget is spent on

  • Raising awareness on WISEs and their positive social and economic impact in the EU and in Member States
  • Keeping our members up to date about the latest EU legislation that concerns them
  • Organising meetings, seminars and webinars with our members and other stakeholders so they can exchange best practices 

Support our work

Do you share the vision of ENSIE? Do you want to support integration for the most disadvantaged people through work? Do you want to support WISEs work? 

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EU transparency register : You can also access information on ENSIE posted in the EU Transparency register under n° 56663585277-75


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