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ENSIE, the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, represents the interests of national and regional networks of ‘Work Integration Social Enterprises’ (WISEs) striving for more inclusive and integrated forms of employment at European level. 

If you are a national, regional or local network of Work Integration Social Enteprises, you can join us to promote WISEs throughout the EU!

Adhesion process

  1. Express your interest to join us by contacting us! 
  2. Organisation of an online institutional meeting so you can better understand ENSIE and its functionning. 
  3. Send an official adhesion letter to ENSIE Board of Directors. 
  4. ENSIE Board of Directors discusses and then presents this application during the General Assembly Meeting where members have to vote on the adhesion of new members.

Membership fees

The membership fees to join ENSIE are depending on the number of WISEs that are member of your network and on the country you are coming from.


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