EU & Institutional Representation

One of ENSIEs core mission is the representation of the Work Integration Social Enterprises interests at the European Level. It does so in various fora and in relation with all the European Institutions.

ENSIE recognises the value of being part of a network. Therefore, it has itself an institutional representation in the following European and international organisations

Social platform

The largest platform of European rights and value-based NGOs working in the social sector. Social Platform aims to promote social justice, equality and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of member organisations.


Social Economy Europe

SOCIAL ECONOMY EUROPE is the EU-level representative institution for the social economy and aims to promote the social and economic input of the social economy enterprises and organisations, to promote the role and values of social economy actors in Europe and to reinforce the political and legal recognition of the social economy and of cooperatives, mutual societies, associations and foundations at EU level.

Social Economy Europe

The EU-level representative institution for the social economy


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