Fit for Future Platform

The Fit for Future (F4F) Platform is a high-level expert group created by the European Commission with the mandate to support the simplification of EU legislation and the reduction of unnecessary costs. The Platform issues joint opinions on EU laws in different thematic fields in which it comments on the laws’ efficiency and relevance in the light of new developments and challenges. The topics are determined in an annual work programme. The Platform furthermore makes suggestions for how these laws can be improved in terms of simplification and cost reduction, while maintaining their substance.

To this end, the members gather and merge data and input from different relevant stakeholders, also paying attention to digitalisation opportunities and legislative density. The adopted opinions will then be taken into consideration by the Commission when taking steps to improve EU laws and making them more adapted to the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The Platform is chaired by the Commission’s Vice-President for Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight, Maroš Šefčovič and consists of two groups:

  • The Government group includes representatives from Member States’ national, regional, and local authorities and from the Committee of the Regions.
  • The Stakeholder group members are representatives from the European Economic and Social Committee as well as experts representing business and non-governmental organisations. 

ENSIE, as non-governmental organisation, is a representative of the Stakeholder group since 2021 and has been actively involved in drafting the 2021 opinions that cover a broad range of themes, from finance, health, environment and statistics to customs and internal market. During the 2021 programming period, Patrizia Bussi (representative of ENSIE in the Platform) has been appointed rapporteur for the topic “Banking Union”, which has been adopted in December.

On the 27th of November 2023, the Fit For Future Platform, a group of high-level experts helping the European Commission to simplify the existing legislation of the EU, has adopted eight new opinions. ENSIE actively contributed to the opinion on 'Social economy entities and their access to finance, state aid, public procurement, and taxation.'
Find out more on this latest position here.

More information on the F4F platform is available here



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