Dialogue with Common Provision Regulation partners 2021-2027

Following its six year of participation to the "Structured Dialogue wiht the ESIF Partners" expert group ENSIE renewed its application to the expert group for the 2021-2027 period. 

The role of this group is to "establish an open, frank and informal dialogue with partners working in the field of the ESI Funds. The Structured Dialogue is a mutual trust building mechanism in order to bring the ESI Funds closer to civil society, assist the Commission in the development of this policy in the different areas of expertise and to discuss the implementation of the ESI Funds."

You can find all the information about this expert group here. 

Structured Dialogue with the ESIF Partners (2014-2020)

Since 2015, ENSIE is part of the Structured Dialogue with European Structural and Investment Funds' partners group of experts (ESIF SD) related to the use of European Structural and Investment Funds. This is a good opportunity for us to represent and defend WISEs access to fundings under the various ESIF Programmes.

You can have more information about this expert group here.​



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