Building community REsiliencE and sustainable Development


BREED, Building   community   REsiliencE   and   sustainable Development through social economy, is a two years Single Market Programme project which is composed of a transnational consortium of local public administrations, social economy organisations and stakeholders from Italy (Alcamo), Spain (Alzira), Greece (Katerini), Portugal (Paredes), Belgium (Brussels). The project targets internal urban contexts that are currently facing social, economic and health challenges as consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

The project aims to develop and increase sustainable and social local development based on the principles of the social economy. BREED will support the creation and the development of local social economy eco-systems and also social economy strategies, actions plans and recommendations.  


  • To increase the capacity of local communities to foster social change and sustainable development through social economy
  • To strengthen the capacity and resilience of local public administration, social organisations and civil society in order to boost innovative community development models based on social economy

Target groups:

  • Representatives and managers from social cooperatives, social SMEs, NGOs, not for profit associations, other social economy stakeholders from both public and private sector engaged in social inclusion, education, culture, arts, sports & community development in general
  • Policy makers and managers from local public administrations engaged in the field of social economy and community development in general

The final beneficiaries are vulnerable individuals and group in the local communities.


  • Mapping of social community challenges, needs and characteristics of the social eco-system in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain
  • Transnational and inter-regional peer-learning to improve business environment and to support sustainable business models
  • Development of innovative community social action plans with the cooperation of local public authorities, social economy stakeholders, etc.
  • Key recommendations including guidelines on how to develop a generative community social action plan and highlighting community best practices

ENSIE  is  responsible  for  leading  WP2 Identification, transnational peer learning and  capacity-building on community practices based on social economy.


BREED will last 24 months from May 2022 to April 2024.

This is a project co-funded by the European Union through the Single Market Programme. 

Project Partners

The project consortium is composed of  6 partners based in 5 EU countries representing mainly local public authorities (municipalities):


The report on transnational social missions here

Here you will find the whole process of the organisation of the transnational social missions but also the output from them.



D.2.2 Report on transnational social missions Download

The first project report is out!

In the framework of the WP2 "Identification, transnational peer learning and capacity building on community practices based on social economy", a report entitled "Data collection & analysis for preliminary reference contexts analysis" has recently been published. This report mainly aims to provide a context of communities with a specific focus on their needs, challenges and obstacles that the public and private sector may face in promoting and developing the social economy in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. In this report, you will find an overview of the situation at local and regional level for key issues such as knowledge of the social economy, the sector of activity, networking, human and financial resources, public support, and partnership of the private and public sectors. 


Report D.2.1 "Data collection & analysis for preliminary reference contexts analysis" Download

Project's activities

Transnational social missions to promote and develop social economy at local and regional level

These translational social missions, made in the framework of the WP2, involve social economy stakeholders and local authorities to share community practices on policies, regulatory framework, governance, success stories and strategies. The final objective is to develop regenerated community business models, strategies and plans based on social economy, public-private governance, and multi-stakeholders’ engagement to strengthen the collaboration capacity and resilience of local public administrations, social economy organisations and civil society.

You can find the minutes and the Powerpoint presentations of the five transnational social missions here below. 


Transnational Social Mission in Italy (November 2022) Download
Transnational Social Mission in Portugal (November-December 2022) Download
Transnational Social Mission in Greece (January 2023) Download
Transnational Social Mission in Spain (March 2023) Download
Transnational Social Mission in Belgium (April 2023) Download

Press release on translational social missions

After finishing the succesful implementation of capacity building program under the BREED project, you can find the press release with all information here

Project opportunities



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