WISE for Digital Upskilling

WISE for Digital Upskilling

Work Integration Social Enterprises for Digital Upskilling (WISE UP) is a two year long Erasmus + project. 

The project

Description of the project

The project aims to increase the capacity of vulnerable people to integrate the labour market by developing digital education training and improving the mentoring they receive from educators in work integration social enterprises (WISEs). 

The project aims to develop tools for the development of methodologies for socio-vocational accompaniment of WISEs in the partner's countries and at the European level.  


The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, for the 2020-2022 period.

Learning outcomes of the project

In the framework of the WISE for Digital Upskilling project, the partner prepared some courses for job coaches and WISEs so they can develop trainings for their employees. Those trainings are free and are available on Google Classroom. 

Numeracy lessons.

Literacy lessons.

Digital Skills lessons.

Job Coaching lessons.

Online observatory of WISEs

Introductory material to the purpose of WISEs

Latest publications of the project

Hereafter you can find the latest deliverables from the project: 

  • E-learning software & learning materials for literacy / numeracy / and digital literacy of low skilled adults
  • Guide for job coaches and tools on skills assessment, life and professional coaching and the design and implementation of job integration programs


Guide for job coaches Download
Literacy, numeracy and digital literacy material Download

Publication of the WISE Observatory

In the framework of the WISE Up project, the partners worked on the WISE Observatory, where you can find a Glossary, the list of Work Integration Policies in the EU, identified WISEs Best practices and WISE Resources. 

You can find all of this here! 

In the framework of the, WISE Up project, a short-term joint staff meeting training took place in Barcelona, Spain, between February 21st and 25th. The training was organised by Formacio i Treball and focused on "Digital education for low skilled adults and regional experience of WISEs in Spain"

You can learn more about it here. 

Publication of the project first deliverable!

The project partners published their first deliverable : "Work integration of disadvantaged workers through social enterprises - a sustainable labor market inclusion. An introduction". The aim of this document is to set up the context and relevance of the WISEs focus on work integration of disadvantaged workers. It presents what can be considered as a vulnerable groups on the labour market, the labour market types of interventions for disadvantaged workers and showcase the situation of WISEs in Romania, France, Spain and Belgium. It also explains what is work integration of disadvantaged workers in social enterprises and present the partners of the project. 


Work integration of disadvantaged workers through social enterprises - a sustainable labor market inclusion. An introduction Download

WISE-UP meeting in Bucharest - 28/29 October 2021

At the end of October, the project partners met in Bucharest, Romania, for the first time in person to exchange about the project and how to enhance digital upskilling for the most disadvantaged people. 

You can find a report about this meeting here

Project opportunities



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