Consommer malin, consommer responsable

Consommer malin, consommer responsable

Presentation of the project

"Consommer malin, consommer responsable" is a project financed by the Belgian National Lottery.

The objective of this project is to promote partnerships between WISEs, traditional businesses and public institutions.

General objective: raise awareness among traditional businesses and public institutions in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region about responsible consumption through social integration enterprises.

Specific objectives:

1) promote partnerships transactional between WISEs, traditional companies and public institutions;

2) increase awareness of responsible consumption in traditional businesses and public institutions.

The main target group and beneficiaries of the project are, directly, representatives of WISEs, traditional businesses and public institutions and, indirectly, other types of social economy enterprises, disadvantaged groups and the general public.

Project partner: RES - Réseau des entreprises d'insertion (Wallonie, Belgium)

Duration of the project: 03/2024 - 11/2024

Total budget: 33 333,00 €

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