Clean and resilient cities and a social economy for a green and just transition

Open to public - 05-07-2021

In the framework of the European Regions Week, ENSIE and ICLEI, are organising a workshop on "Clean and resilient cities and a social social economy for a green and just transition".

The pandemic has highlighted the inextricable link between human and environmental health, and the capacity of both solidarity and nature to strengthen the resilience of urban communities. This session will underline that a green and a just transition need to go hand in hand and explore how the social economy can help ensure that no one is left behind.

The workshop discussions will be triggered through two keynotes on the general role of cities and regions in a green and just transition, illustrated by the example of Gdynia. Further evidence will be provided through five short video inputs featuring local and regional authorities that developed environmental and social solutions to put the post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery onto a sustainable track.

Looking from a different angle the session will also explore how initiatives such as the Green City Accord, the Resilient Cities Network and the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises can strengthen the political will and the capacity of key actors to protect and enhance the urban environment in collaboration with citizens and other stakeholders thus mitigating future risks and increasing the preparedness of communities vis-à-vis global threats and disasters without leaving anyone behind.

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