SocialTech4EU invitation to register in the Registry of stakeholders and providers for social economy

SocialTech4EU invitation to register in the Registry of stakeholders and providers for social economy

Project - 07-02-2023

Interested in working with the social economy? You are warmly invited to join our registry!

The SocialTech4EU as the largest support and capacity building programme in Europe for social enterprises, is embarking on an exciting journey with social enterprises and other stakeholders. The project will offer an innovation journey to selected social enterprises, giving them the opportunity to truly develop their innovative ideas.

The project has been gathering input on the needs and blockers of social enterprises, hampering them to innovate and fully partake in the twin transition. The next step will be all about training. Therefore, SocialTech4EU is inviting training providers, universities, other organizations active in the field of higher education, and research organisations, tech providers, acceleration and incubation services to join the Registry.

The Registry - which will be a virtual map - will be used by selected social enterprises, cluster organizations and networks, participating in the SocialTech4EU project to identify and purchase training, innovation and acceleration services, via financial support awarded to them by the project. The selected social enterprises will identify the trainings they need and pick and choose from the registry according to what suits their needs best.

Why would you join the registry? Well, there are several advantages: your revenues will increase due to the services provided, joining the registry offers a broad range of networking and collaboration opportunities, you can connect with EU social enterprises and other stakeholders and learn how to cooperate with social enterprises through an open innovation, project-based approach.

The virtual map will be hosted on the ADV website and the organisations will create an account on and fill in the data about the organisation (contact details, description of services/support provided, link to website and social media). 

The innovation pathway has kickstarted!

Find the application form here

Find the invitation here

Organisations can apply on an ongoing basis.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact