ENSIE launches the #WISEWorkers Campaign!

ENSIE - 12-11-2023

As every two years, ENSIE, the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, is carrying out the WISEs Workers Campaign, with the aim to disseminate the work done by people in Work Integration Social Enterprises across Europe.

This year, in which the European Union celebrates the European Year of Skills, ENSIE would like to focus the campaign about skills in WISEs.

This is why we asked workers in Work Integration Social Enterprises around Europe about their stories, their experiences, and the skills they acquired while working in a WISE. The campaign will be lauched in occasion of the ENSIE Extraordinary General Assembly, taking place in Donostia-San Sebastian in November 2023, and will be shared on ENSIE’s social media platforms right after, under the hashtag #WISEWorker.