Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro: A manifesto to relaunch work placement

Consorzio Abele Lavoro, CNCA and Idee in Rete propose a reflection to relaunch the social cooperation in job placement. A Manifesto that is the result of meetings and debates between operators in the past months and that is being further discussed to gather additional stimuli and aggregate other people and organizations around this theme.

The promoters felt the necessity to seriously reflect on social cooperation in job placement, because they are aware not only of its value and of its strengths but also of its challenges. The struggles of the companies that must, without any support, stay afloat and consecrate themselves to disadvantaged workers in an increasingly competitive market, the struggles of the operators to stay motivated throughout their career path.

In addition, there is the need to rethink our mission in view of the social evolution of the last years and of the changing needs, to react to the delegitimization of social cooperation carried out by the media. For this reason, they started reflecting on this issue by meeting in the last few months in Florence and then in Bologna and by continuing to exchange views remotely.

After a few months of joint work, they have synthesized our ideas and proposals in this Manifesto for the re-launch social cooperation in job placement that is now being debated by all those who wish to contribute to its development and dissemination. The promoters and all those who wish to sign it will meet in the upcoming months to decide the modalities of its dissemination.

Based on the feedbacks received, we will decide together which steps to take. The manifesto is a collective piece of work, the result of the cooperation between important organizations of the Italian Third Sector, the Consorzio Abele Lavoro, the CNCA and the Consorzio Nazionale Idee in Rete. These three promoters can be joined by additional subscribers, who will contribute to define the next steps in the definition and dissemination of the document.