La fédération des entreprises d’insertion worked on several possible improvements on responsible public procurement in the CESE report

On the 27th of March the federation was invited to the presentation of the CESE report on the responsible public procurement, for which the federation was consulted. This report establishes the lack of the use of public procurement. During its hearing, the federation puts forward several possible improvements which were included in the recommendations of the CESE report:

  • Take into account Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) in the award of contracts;
  • Foster temporary joint-ventures;
  • Go further than the simple execution of an integration volume of hours in the implementation of social clauses, in particular in order to better acknowledge the quality of work done by the work integration social enterprises;
  • Enhance the entering of social clauses in markets on more qualifying sectors, such as informatics computer services or green economy 

This report will be used as basis for proposals that delegation at the forecasting and at the evaluation of public policies will articulate for the annual report on the France state of art during 2018.