After Padova 2012 and Caorle 2013 Editions, in collaboration with the Comité Européen de Coordination, Scuola Centrale Formazione promotes the third edition of the event about the Transnational and Learning Mobility "DoYourMOB 2014" on 27-28/11/2014 . The event at its third edition relaunches the theme of the transnational mobility starting from the key subjects that we focused on last year: valorization of competences, integrated mobility, recognition of the learning mobility. The meeting starts the 27/11 with the welcome buffet and ends the 28/11 with the lunch buffet. EVT invites 5 persons of ENSIE. The participants must only cover the transport costs and the diner of the 27/11. If you are interested, please, contact Ms Drago: drago.f@scformazione.org