Ateliere Fara Frontiere (RIISE’s member) and ENSIE are co-organising an European conference on “Political recommendations for fighting poverty and exclusion through work integration”. This conference will take place in Bucharest on the 7th of May 2019. The European conference “ACTIV pentru Romania.” aims at demonstrating the need for an integrated policy to mobilise those who are “invisible” and for the placement of disadvantaged groups in Romania!

The French ambassador will take part in this conference.

Read the agenda



  • ENSIE included in DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusions report

Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion has published a report on projects and organisations funded by the European Union programme for employment and social Innovation (EASI). This report showcases 7 successful and inspiring projects supported by EaSI in the 2014-2017. The report features 10 EU-level organisations that actively promote social inclusion poverty reduction and access to finance. ENSIE is listed in this report. “In 2016 ENSIE developed a methodological tool to measure social and economic impact of Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE’s), which was applied in 10 member organisations from 9 EU countries”… Read the full report on ENSIE page 43.


In the framework of the Mutual Learning Seminar on accompaniment for social and work integration of disadvantaged people, in particular people with mental, physical and psychosocial disabilities in Central European Initiative countries, held on October 16-18, 2017 project partners have published a collection of  Best Practices : 18 best practices in 16 different countries (Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine).

More information about the seminar

Read the collection of best practices


  • 15 & 16 June 2017 - ENSIE General Assembly Meeting and public event 'WISEs going forward'

ENSIE and its members met during two working days in Ghent, Belgium, on June 15 & 16.

This meeting was the occasion to discuss about the strategic objectives of the association and to discuss about key activities for years 2016 and 2017. On the second day, ENSIE invited key stakeholders to debate on the current European trends: the European Pillar of Social Rights and the next steps for Work Integration Social Enterprises. The network also held the award ceremony of the competition 'Selfie on the workspace' in presence of the 3 winners organisations coming from Serbia, Italy and Romania. After the event, all participants visited the UCO, an interesting partnership between local WISEs and the city of Ghent.

Programme_WISEs going forward_in English_in French

Patricia Pedelabat, European Commission
Gilberto Pelosi, Policy & Advocacy Officer Social Platform

Maria Nieves Ramos, FAEDEI & Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE
Risto Raivio, European Commission


  • European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is conceived to offer people under 30 in Europe the chance to support a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local authority or private company active in addressing challenging situations across the European Union

In April 2017 the Commission consulted stakeholders and the general public to define key priorities and shape the implementation of the ESC. This consultation builds on the initial, targeted consultation of a selection of key stakeholders in late 2016 (see below). 

Read ENSIE April 2017 contribution on the European Solidarity Corps here below.

ENSIE_European Solidarity Corps_2017 (EN) 


  • 16 & 17 March 2017 - ENSIE Board of Directors meeting hosted during the 8ièmes rencontres nationales de Chantier Ecole


  • European Solidarity Corps

The Commission proposed on September 15, 2016, to set up a European Solidarity Corps. Young people across the EU will be able to volunteer their help where it is needed most, to respond to crisis situations.

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is conceived to offer people under 30 in Europe the chance to support a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local authority or private company active in addressing challenging situations across the European Union – for instance: rebuilding communities following natural disasters; addressing social challenges such as social exclusion, poverty, health and demographic challenges; or working on the reception and integration of refugees.

Read our members contribution on the European Solidarity Corps here below.

ENSIE_European Solidarity Corps_2016 (EN)


  • NEETs integration and work integration social enterprises

In this period of crises, characterized by a high youth unemployment rate, NEETs are one of the most vulnerable groups among the others due to the lack of education, work, job culture and value that brings them to be socially excluded both from labour market and social life.

Lately, work integration social enterprises have been more and more facing the issue of youth integration with those that cannot integrate the traditional labour market.

What are WISEs doing to facilitate the integration of NEETs on the labour market?

Neets integration and work integration social enterprises (EN)


  • DG Growth: Public consultation under the Start-up Initiative:

The objective of this public consultation is to seek direct feedback from all relevant stakeholders, including entrepreneurs and start-up communities, with the aim of improving the environment for start-ups in Europe. More info. (All EU languages)

Read ENSIE’s Contribution (EN)


  • Active labour market measures and Work Integration Social Enterprises

Examples of active labour market measures supporting WISEs in Belgium and Austria.

WISEs and Active Labour Market measures (EN)

ESI et mesures actives en faveur de l'emploi (FR)


  • 5 June 2015: The partnerships of WISEs, Barcelona, Spain

ENSIE and its Spanish members FAEDEI and FEICAT organised the European Seminar THE PARTNERSHIPS OF WORK INTEGRATION SOCIAL ENTERPRISES focusing on WISEs partnerships with the public and private sector through best practices from all around Europe.

Download the presentations here below:

Agenda (EN & FR)

Summary of WISEs partnerships and ENSIE GAM

Partnerships with the public sector

Partnerships with the private sector


  • 18 & 19 May 2015: WISEs Event: Brussels

On the 18th and 19th May ENSIE, Eurodiaconia and EASPD held a seminar on Work Integration Social Enterprises. The event aimed to introduce the important role played by WISE to incorporate socially excluded people, as well as people with mental or physical disabilities, into society, through adapted work.

The report of the event is available in English and in French.

Download the presentations of the event here below.


2. Nikolov_SBI

3. Petricevic_Act Group

4. Herdies_JST

5. Depret_EVAP

6. Bastin_Credal

7. Levrier_Avise

8. Zelderloo_UNCRPD

9. Ferraina_Sheltered workshops



  • May 2015: Public consultation on service provision to long-term unemployed in the Member States and at EU level

Long-term unemployment is a real challenge today in the European Union. The approach to unemployment must address the difficulties of long-term unemployed people through an holistic and coordinated action to support them in their access to the labour market. Work Integration Social Enterprises combined an economic activity aiming to integrate disadvantaged people on the labour market with a strong focus on social accompaniment and training on the job place. Their social mission put the individual first enabling their profits to benefit to the creation of further qualified and stable jobs within the enterprise or to support their workers in integrating the regular labour market with tailored qualification and social support. The different Member States must give a stronger support to these initiatives to enable the integration on the labour market of the long-term unemployed people with...

ENSIE's contibution in English - Contribution d'ENSIE en français


  • February March 2014: European Parliament's written declaration on promoting social inclusion and combating all forms of discrimination in the labour market.

Following the conference 'Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in social Europe!', several Members of the European Parliament formalised their support through a written declaration on promoting social inclusion and combating all forms of discrimination in the labour market.

This written declaration is available in different languages of the European Union:



  • 14 November 2013: Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in social Europe!

Work Integration Social Enterprises key players at the European Parliament, Brussels.

The conference 'Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in social Europe!' that was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 14th of November 2013, gathered more than 120 participants representing at least 20 different EU member States and Switzerland. Commissioner László Andor, with his physical presence and his closing remarks, commissioner Michel Barnier, with its video message, the present MEPs and the public authorities underlined the importance of this type of social enterprises aiming the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups. WISEs need the proper financial and technical support for the services that they provide, financial adapted instruments and, in some Member States, a legal recognition. 

ENSIE continues to raise awareness about WISEs and obtain recognition and support.

ENSIE calls to public authorities, especially national ones, to create a favorable eco-system for the maintenance and development of the social enterprises that help the most excluded and marginalized persons.

Many thanks to all speakers and participants, especially to the workers who participated in our campaigns and conference.



Michel Barnier

Frédéric Daerden

Julien Van Geertsom


Charlotte Gruber

Fabio Salviato

Florica Chereches

Communiqué de presse / Press Release


  • 26 & 27 November 2013: The 3rd Convention of the Plateform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

On the 26 & 27 of November, ENSIE staff participated in the 3rd EPAP Convention that was held in Brussels. On the first day, Davide Ziveri Italian representative of ENSIE shared his experience within the side-event 'In-work poverty - The Contribution of Employment to Poverty Reduction and Inclusion' co-organised by ENSIE, EAPN and ESADP. Key messages of the in-work poverty side-event - ENSIE, EAPN & ESADP.

Davide Ziveri presented the Re: Social Club as good practice:

How to overcome in-work poverty in Work Integration Social Enterprises?

For more information about this good practice, visit the Social club page. For more information about on the side event 'In-work poverty - The Contribution of Employment to Poverty Reduction and Inclusion' , visit EAPN's page. For more information about the anual Convention, visit the European Commission's page.