Social Value Act and social impact measurement

From January 2013 this new law will require public sector organisations, including local authorities, to consider the social value that can be gained from their contracts for services. This means that they can take into account the difference that organisations like social enterprises make, because they can deliver economic, environmental and social benefits as well as services. Public procurement need no longer be based on lowest price. Find out more here

What else will it mean for social enterprises? It will be important that social enterprises can demonstrate the social value they create.  To that end, a group of organizations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector have come together to produce a code of good practice in social impact measurement. The draft code can be accessed here.

24th Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference

5th - 7th October 2011, Merano, Italy: "Work, Dignity and Social Responsibility" The Mission of Social Firms

A Detailed Programme can be found by clicking programme.

To Register for attendance please complete the Registration Form by clicking  Registration and return the form to the Conference Secretariat as shown on the form. 

Any registration questions should be addressed to: Conference Secretariat: Coop. Soc. PROMOS Soz. Genos.  Via Innsbruck, 25 – 39100 Bolzano - I, fax +3904711967293 or by email to: 

We look forward to seeing you at what will be a very interesting and informative conference, as well as being a great opportunity to network with other Social Firms from around Europe.

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