Economie sociale, un modèle novateur pour promouvoir l'inclusion active des groupes vulnérables

 November 2008 - October 2011

Project partners


Main areas of intervention

    - Research on the state of play and opportunities concerning social economy in Europe and Romania;
    - Development of an adequate Romanian legal framework;
    - Establishment of resource centres at national and local level;
    - Information and awarness raising;
    - Support to emerging social enterprises (pilot projects).

ENSIE's involvement

ENSIE tasks and responsabilities:
  1. Analysing the legislation and policies in the field of social economy;
  2. Analysing the social economy mechanisms of the other EU member states, including financial opportunities;
  3. Identifiying models that can be adapted in the Romanian context;
  4. Facilitating communication between relevant European and Rumanian actors;
  5. Organizing study visits and transnational seminars;
  6. Coordinating the activity related to the participation at education and training programs abroad;
  7. Facilitating communication between transnational networks in the social economy field, social entreprises as well as pilots of social economy in Romania.