RESPEC is a project financed by the European Commission under the line Progress - Mutual learning in employment and competences.


  • RES, Belgium
  • PROGETTI, Hungary
  • ENSIE, Europe


The project aims to favour the identification, exchange, dissemination and transfer of good practices and experiences of success in the field of Social Economy and in particular of work integration social enterprises in order to enable creation of jobs for people in risk or situation of social exclusion, as well as the development of their competencies and the promotion of their integration on the labour market.

Step by step

3 main stages

1. Study and preliminary analysis on the different territories (between January and March 2014)

2. Mutual learning and exchange of good practices (between March and July 2014)

3. Implementation and transfer based on the good practices (between July and November 2014)

Final publication

RESPEC - Rentabilité des Entreprises Sociales, Prévisions, Emplois et Compétences (French)

Transnational meetings

3rd Transnational meeting and final conference - 27 & 28 November 2014 - Burgos, Spain

Agenda transnational meeting

Agenda final conference


- Public procurement and active labour market measures - Salamanca (Spanish)

- Public authorities and WISEs: efficient use of resources to create employement (French)

- Social and economic impact of WISEs in Castilla-y-leon, Wallonia and Budapest (Spanish)

- Spanish guide on accompaniement in WISEs (Spanish)

- Jobcoaching in Wallonia (French)

- The Hungarian situation (French)

1st Transnational meeting - 13 & 14 February 2014 - Budapest, Hungary



- Fundacion LESMES (Spanish)

- Galileo Progetti (French)

- Integration of disadvantaged people in Hungary (French)

- Integration of disadvantaged people in Spain (Spanish)