Public consultation on the "Recommendation on promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning" - 11/08/2017

This consultation is seeking public opinion on the importance of equipping young people with shared values and how education and non-formal learning can help achieve this aim in view of creating more socially cohesive societies.

The results of the public consultation will be used together with the other data and research evidence, as well as ET 2020 mutual learning outcomes (in particular the work undertaken by the ET 2020 Working Group on the follow-up of the Paris Declaration).
The Recommendation will establish a policy framework, as a key reference document at EU level to support Member States in providing education and training that promotes social inclusion and ownership of shared values while also contributing to preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

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Competences in social enterprises - 2014/2016

ENSIE was involved in the European project EPP - Strengthening emergent professional profiles in the third sector, a way to foster innovative bridges to work and social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

The project aimed at increasing professional competences of social enterprises and rising their ability to meet the new challenges for labor inclusion of disadvantaged groups and define useful training tools for the implementation of Job Coaching and Social Marketing WISEs activites.

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Public Consultation "Future action to support the promotion and validation of non formal and informal learning" - 10/02/2011

Countries around Europe are increasingly emphasising the need to take account of the full range of an individual’s knowledge, skills and competences – not only those acquired at schools, universities or other formal education and training institutions. Recognising all forms of learning is therefore a priority of EU action in education and training. Source: European Commission

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Training and education of professionnals within WISEs - 2009/2010

ENSIE was involved in the SYSCOM project, analysing the role played by Work Integration Social Enterprises across Europe in competency development particularly of low skilled and unqualified workers; in relation with the European and National Qualification Frameworks (EQF & NQF).

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