In the framework of the project “Buying for Social Impact, a project commissioned by the DG GROW, Diesis is looking for good practices that show how the social aspects of the public procurement directive can be implemented in practice. The project aims at promoting the use of social considerations in public procurement procedures.

In the first phase of the project, DIESIS is in charge of collection and redaction of best practices and of coordinating the activities in Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thus, if you think that a practice your know meets some of the criteria below, please contact Dorotea Daniele, DIESIS

  • Does the call foresee reserved contracts for economic operators whose aim is the social integration of disadvantaged workers?

  • Does the call include social considerations in award criteria?

  • Does the call include social considerations in contract performance clauses?

  • Does the call split the contract into small lots or envisage subcontracting, to allow social economy enterprises to bid?

  • Does the call include accessibility requirements?

  • Does the call use the best price-quality ratio as award criterion for social and health services?

Buying for Social Impact is carried out by a consortium comprising the AEIDL (European Association for Information on Local Development); REVES aisbl - European Network of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy; Diesis scrl-fs; Social Economy Europe and ENSIE - European Network of Social Integration Enterprises.


  • Contribution on targeted consultation on the scope and structure of a Commission guide on socially responsible public procurement

The aim of this targeted consultation is to receive stakeholder feedback on the scope and structure of a European Commission guide on socially responsible public procurement. Specifically, the Commission wants to know what type of guidance should be published, its outline, and how to make the best use of collected good practice. The results will feed into the new guide on socially responsible public procurement and possible complementary documents.

Read the ENSIE's contribution in French or in English


In December 2016, ENSIE and its members analyzed the transposition process and the results of the transposition. Indeed, at European level, the Directive offers new important possibilities to facilitate the development of work integration social enterprises, mainly through the updates related to the use of social considerations and reserved contracts.

Read the conclusion in English


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ENSIE participated at the conference ‘Social Economy as a key player in providing effective answers to current societal challenges in the EU and the world’ organized under the auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council between 30th November – 1st December 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

At this occasion, Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE Director and Elisabeth Diaz from our Spanish member FEICAT, proposed a joint presentation on the state of play of the transposition of Directrice and good practice of reserved contracts in public procurement.


Programme of the conference

Presentation ENSIE_FEICAT (EN)


ENSIE participated in the Seminar on promoting social responsibility through public procurement organised by Eurocities between 30th November – 1st December 2016 in Nantes, France.

At this occasion, Aurélie Duprés, ENSIE Policy officer participated in the workshop 4 - Using reserved contracts in public procurement and presented the state of play of the transposition of Directrice on public procurement in Europe.


Programme of the conference

Presentation ENSIE (EN)

Publication :

  • Seminar report "promoting social responsability through public procurement"

EUROCITIES published a report on social responsibility in public procurement in relation with the seminar hosted by Nantes Metropole at the end of 2016. Here is Aurélie Duprez speech on Reserved contracts for the work integration of disadvantaged persons and persons with disabilities. Her presentation focused on the usage of reserved contracts.

The 2014 Directives brought new, broader propositions for the usage of reserved contracts. This new proposition will guarantee a more efficient and more sustainable integration of disadvantaged and disabled people, while increasing the economic performance of work integration social enterprises and sheltered workshops by contributing to the long term dimension and professional integration.  When operating with reserved contracts, it is important that the contracting authority verifies that the integration of disadvantaged or disabled persons is stated as a primary mission in the statutes of other statutory documents of the applicant organisation. ENSIE suggests that contracting authorities should include the quality of the social integration project as an essential criterion to be met by the tender. This way it can be prevented that the specific target group is solely employed for the contract duration.  The definition of disadvantaged persons should be interpreted with wide discretion, to include all categories of people facing social exclusion and adapt it to the national context of each country. 

Found the full report here


  • October, 27 2015: Public procurement for Social Progress. A Social Platform guide to the EU Public Procurement Directive

Following the work of the Task Force on Public Procurement, Social Platform has published the guide "Public procurement for Social Progress. A Social Platform guide to the EU Public Procurement Directive". ENSIE's Director Patrizia Bussi was among the contributors to the publication.

The following versions are available : EN - FR - ES - DE - HR- IT - PT

For more information contact Valentina Caimi at Social Platform.


  • June, 5 2015

ENSIE organised the European seminar "The Partnerships of Work Integration Social Enterprises" in partnership with the Spanish network FAEDEI (Federación de Asociaciones Empresariales De Empresas de Inserción) and the Catalan network FEICAT (Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya) with the support of the European Commission, the government of Catalonia and the Foundation «la Caixa ».

Agenda (ENG-FR)

Download the presentations on Public Procurement:

P. Bussi_The WISEs and Public Procurement

A. Miret_ Video on Public Procurement_Spain

S. Vetro_Good practice_Belgium

A. Brescianini_Good practice_Italy

C. Van De Burgt_Good practice_The Netherlands


  • November 2014 - EuropeanPlatform Against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EPAP) side event:‘Social Economy Enterprises and public procurement: a win-win combination for social inclusion!’.

On the 20 th of November 2014 the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE), Social Platform, the European Confederation of Cooperatives active in industry and services (CECOP), Eurodiaconia, and the European Network of Cities & Regions for the Social Economy (REVES) jointly hosted this side event in order to underline the new directive's opportunities to public authorities to achieve sustainable development objectives –including on social policy ones– when they buy goods, services and works from external parties.

Joint statement "Social considerations and quality crucial in public procurement to achieve a sustainable, smart and inclusive Europe"

Déclaration conjointe "Les considérations sociales et les qualités déterminantes dans les marchés publics pour réaliser une Europe intelligente, durable et inclusive"


  • June 2014 - The role of GECES for a sustainable and responsible public procurement

On the 10th -11th of June 2014, the 5th GECES meeting took place in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE's coordinator and GECES expert, held a presentation about the possible role of GECES in making the new public procurement rules work in practice, available here (EN). 


  • April 2014 - Public procurement and concession Directives

The public procurement and concession Directives have been published in the OJEU, Official Journal of the European Union - The legislation enter into force on 17 April 2014. Member States will then have 24 months to implement the provisions into national law (except for electronic procurement, where they will have an additional 30 months)- 23/03/2012.


  • Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement

A network composed of european networks from different fields having a common interest for greener, more social and more sustainable public procurement of which ENSIE is part. More info


  • January 2014 - Press Release on the new Directive on public procurement

On January 15 2014, the European Parliament voted the new European Directive on public procurement in Strasbourg.This directive has yet to be adopted by the Council. This will be in principle February 11 so it will be published after this date and implemented 20 days after publication.

This new Directive takes a step forward on access to public procurement for work integration social enterprises.

On January 23 2014, ENSIE published a press release on the topic, available here : EnglishFrench


  • Contribution to AVISE publication - 2013/2014

Avise has published the second edition of the collection "The Landmarks of socially responsible procurement", based on the work of the networks EMES and ENSIE. Dedicated to the access of work integration social enterprises to public procurement in Europe, the publication discusses the recent developments guidelines and analyzes a set of initiatives and best practices involved in promoting business flows between professional buyers and suppliers of the SSE. Download here the report (EnglishFrench). Read here the AVISE interview with Patrizia Bussi (FR).


  • Open letter on reserved contracts  

In March 2013, ENSIE published an open letter to the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission concerning the negociations on reserved contracts in the new Directive proposal on public procurement.

Differentes civil society organisations as for example the Social Platform and Social Economy Europe supported this position.

This open letter aimed to the deletion of the second paragraph suggested by the Council within the article 17 on reserved contracts that foreseen the introduction of reserved contracts for organisations whose main aim is the integration of former employees of public authorities into the private sector: EnglishFrenchItalian.

Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE coordinator, and Michel Mercadié, Social Platform treasurer, also presented a joint note about this issue to the GECES members during their meeting of June 6, 2013: Joint note to GECES - English


  • March 2012 - ENSIE's position paper on the revision of the Public Procurement Directive

In the framework of the revision of the Public Procurement Directive, ENSIE published a position paper in March 2012

This position paper was also presented to the European Institutions: EnglishFrench.

4 April – Brussels (Belgium) Meeting with Marc Tarabella, European Parliament rapporteur on the Public Procurement Directive proposition and presentation of ENSIE’s contribution.

April – Brussels (Belgium) Meeting with Loredana Puiu on the public procurement Directive.


  • Progress meeting - Brussels, June 2011

At ENSIE's progress meeting of June, a special meeting on public procurement took place. It was the occasion for ENSIE's members to meet Sergi Corbálan who presented the Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement. 


  • 18 April 2011: Consultation "The modernisation of EU public procurement policy – Towards a more efficient European procurement market"

Public procurement is confronted today with new challenges: high public deficits and thus the need for the most efficient use of public money but also the growing demand that public purchasing contributes to the achievement of overall societal goals (innovation, fighting climate change and promoting social inclusion). This consultation launches a public debate on how legislation could be updated to help public procurers cope with these challenges. The Commission will draw on the contributions to the consultation in preparing the future legislative proposal on the reform of the EU public procurement rules. Source: European Commission

 ENSIE contribution: English


  • Inserciona - Barcelona, February 2011

During 'Inserciona', the national fair of social integration enterprises in Spain, organised by Faedei and Feicat, a special conference on public procurement was held. More info


  • Social clauses in Europe

Questionnaires on the use of social clauses in public procurement in the different countries members of ENSIE - 2010/2011.

In preparation to the conference on social clauses in public procurement in Europe, organised in the framework of the fair 'Inserciona' in February 2011, a questionnaire on the practises in public procurement was sent to ENSIE national networks members.

The questionnaire model and the ENSIE's members answers are available here below.

A synthesis of the questionnaires' answers is also available  (only in French).