Well being criteria

Studies of good practices, using the SPIRAL methodology of the Council of Europe, in partnership with IRIS, Inter-network of responsible economy initiatives.


This particular methodology tries to analyze the WISEs under well-being criteria. This method is rather innovative as it enables to calculate the qualitative added-value of WISEs.


The SPIRAL methodology is based on a qualitative and quantitative co-assessment of WISEs.

The impact of integration enterprises is most often measured only in terms of economic integration (on the labour market, more particularly). The proposed method enhances a more multidimensional impact (social, human, family, personal impact but also impact on the citizens and the society at large) and is deemed to ensure thereby a better political recognition of their essential role in society.

To implement the method is used a matrix based on welfare criteria which have been collectied over a 6-year period, measuring all the dimensions and components of welfare as they are expressed by the citizens in Europe.

Year 2012

A study on well-being criteria have been implemented in Romania with ENSIE's member Ateliere Fara Frontiere.

Year 2011

3 studies of good practices using well-being criteria have been implemented in France. Just 2 studies were implemented.