Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in Social Europe

Work Integration Social Enterprises key players at the European Parliament, Brussels

Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in social Europe!

 November 14 - 2013

The conference 'Work Integration Social Enterprises: investing in social Europe!' that was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 14th of November 2013, gathered more than 120 participants representing at least 20 different EU member States and Switzerland.

Commissioner László Andor, with his physical presence and his closing remarks, commissioner Michel Barnier, with its video message, the present MEPs and the public authorities


underlined the importance of this type of social enterprises aiming the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups.

WISEs need the proper financial and technical support for the services that they provide, financial adapted instruments and, in some Member States, a legal recognition.

ENSIE continues to raise awareness about WISEs and obtain recognition and support.


ENSIE calls to public authorities, especially national ones, to create a favorable eco-system for the maintenance and development of the social enterprises that help the most excluded and marginalized persons.

Many thanks to all speakers and participants, especially to the workers who participated in our campaigns and conference.                                                                                                                 


  • 28 February 2008: Consultation "Modernising social protection for greater social justice and economic cohesion: taking forward the active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market"

The Commission proposes a holistic strategy termed “active inclusion” to support the integration of people at the margins of the labour market. The results of a vast public consultation have made it possible to define a set of common principles intended to improve the skills of the marginalised and allow them to integrate into job markets and increase their income. Source: European Commission

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