Reforming ESF: an emergency for WISEs and jobs.

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Fight against precariousness and social inclusion, long-term unemployment: COORACE highly mobilized. 

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COORACE published the 2013 Obsevatoire

Observatoire COORACE 2013

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COORACE certified ISO 9001

6/01/2014 : A federation of social and solidarity-based economy certified ISO 9001. You can read the press release here(only in French).

COORACE 2012 Activity report (FR)

COORACE 2011 Activity report (FR)

17th COORACE congress 2011 – 18 & 19 October 2011 - Marseille

This 17th COORACE congress organised in Marseille marks a turning point in the life of our network and probably even further.

Organised 4 months after the launching of the General Assemblies of social and solidarity economy, 6 months before the presidential deadline, it also closes, for COORACE, a rich process of collective construction. The resulted strategic project shows a deep will of change and becomes an evolution that began years ago. We now shares a new ambition, a full and entire participation to an inclusive, sustainable and solidarity economic development, at the territories level… 

In order to serve this ambition, we will renew, tomorrow, our ways of action and cooperation, our ways of participation… We will build new links with the citizen groups, the enterprises, the salaried persons, the citizens but also with the politicians…

On the 18th and the 19th of October, we will involve ourselves to ACT TOGETHER to go at the core of our  ideal, the one of a fairest society … and simply more united.

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