The main goal of the project is to create a training module for jobcoaching in Work Integration Social Enterprises.

The project is divided in 3 parts:

-          RESEARCH PHASE - 10 months: Research part on existing modules and real needs of enterprises on the topic: 1. Building tools to do the research 2. Do the research – 2 meetings

-          CREATION PHASE - 9 months: Create the training module together (mainly on behalf of University) with objective to do a training for trainers – 1 meeting with 2 people from each country to be trained

-          IMPLEMENTATION PHASE - 9 months: Testing the training module: trainers trains jobcoaches in each country. Accreditation phase of the module. Dissemination of the project.

Project term: December 2015 - March 2018

Step by step


Transnational meeting's minute


At this occasion, social workers from project members and some ENSIE members (Act Group, Arbeit +, CSAL and RISE) participated to training modules created within the project framework.

The project partners also gathered to make some feedbacks on the training evaluation, the project dissemination and to visit different local initiatives of work integration social enterprises.

2nd TRANSNATIONAL MEETING - October 13th and 14th, 2016 - RIGA, Latvia

The second transational meeting was hosted by our Latvian partner LUDE.

See the programme.

From the results of the diagnosis phase held in the different countries, the partners built the focus areas of the training module to be created with the close collaboration of the University of Valencia. Our Spanish partners from the University attended the meeting thanks to a skype connection and helped us identifying the skills and methodology in relation to the needs of training identified in each country. The results of the EPP project presented in September in Porto fed the discussion on jobcoaching though the participation of ENSIE.

1st TRANSNATIONAL MEETING - February 11th and 12th, 2016 - BUDAPEST, Hungary.


The first transnational meeting of the Jobcoach + project was organised by our partner Galileo Progetti in Budapest.

This meeting was the occasion to introduce all the partners of the project and discussed the first coordination issues together.

On the second day, the partners met with the Hungarian EMMI Ministry and ENSIE presented the WISEs model with examples of good practices in different countries as well as the general framework of WISEs at European level. It was an opportunity for the ministry representatives to present the current political agenda on social enterprises in Hungary and to exchange with representatives of networks and enterprises active in the integration of disadvantaged people on the challenges and practices in the different countries represented.

During the afternoon session, the partners discussed about their definition of Jobcoaching and the construction of some tools for the study phase of the project.

During this first meeting, ENSIE invited Carlota Quintao from RESIT (Portuguese member of ENSIE) to participate in the discussion and to present the training module on Jobcoaching created in the framework of the EPP project, in which ENSIE is also a partner.