G+ Enfance

The project G+ Enfance ('I have more - children')  is a national project managed by RES, Belgium in which ENSIE was an expert.

The project aims to fight against children poverty in the families of disadvantaged workers in collaboration with the enterprises of the 'G+' group ('I have more) from Wallonia, Belgium. The partnership was composed of the work integration social enterprises members of RES. The activities were implemented between May 2014 and April 2015.


Steps of the project

1. State of play of existing initiatives on the territory

2. State of play of current legislative framework on childcare and access to culture in Wallonia

3. Case studies beside WISEs of the network in order to analyse the difficulties encountered by workers on the topic

4. Study visit of a European practice of WISEs in the childcare sector (ENSIE expertise)

5. New project ideas developped within the enterpises and the network to answer the workers' problems

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Study visit

3 best practices were identified by ENSIE:

- Casa Oz from Turin, Itlay - More info.

- WeTek gmbh from Berlin, Germany - More info.

- SUPLA from Cordoba, Spain - More info.

RES members selected SUPLA and ENSIE organised a two-day exchange session hosted by the colleagues of SUPLA in Cordoba, Spain.


ENSIE et les membres du RES en visite auprès de l'entreprise sociale d'insertion SUPLA, Cordoue - Espagne: insérer les...

Posted by ENSIE on Tuesday, April 21, 2015