Events November 2014 :

On November 19th FAEDEI invites you to the 8th edition of the WISE's Day. Find here the invitation and the agenda of the event (ES).

On 5 November 2014 FAEDEI organizes the conference "For a socially responsible employment" in Zaragoza, Spain,  preparation event for the Social Integration Enterprises Fair  - Inserciona 2015.

Find here  the invitation and event agenda (ES).

May 2013:

The General Assembly 2013 is organised in Barcelona the 15 May.

Event January-February 2013:

FAEDEI organizes on the 31 January and 1st february 2013 "INSERCIONA 2013", the 2nd European Fair of Social Intergration Enterprises in Irun. -  Free entrance, no registration needed.

Upload the presentation (Spanish) or visit the FAEDEI web-site.

Event October 2012:

FAEDAI organizes on the 22nd October 2012 the XII governmental day of the social integration enterprises, at the "Caixa Forum de Madrid”.

Upload the programme, the invitation and the registration form.

March 2011:

Maria Nieves Ramos informed us that a new legislation on social economy has been adopted in Spain.Read the original version or the English translation.  To read the press release (only Spanish version available) click here.