Publication of the Joint Employment Report: what are the perspectives for the young?
It is part of the Annual Growth Survey which opens the European Semester. The results evaluate the Member States’ measures to improve young employment, especially NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Find the Report here.

INFORMATION AND EXCHANGE SESSION: The European Semester Alliance experience in Ireland - JUNE 17, 2016 -  Dublin, Ireland.

During its General Assembly, ENSIE invited Robin Hannon from EAPN Ireland, member of the European Semester Alliance, to share its experience with our members.

In Ireland, our member is taking part in the actions implemented by the Irish national Alliance, a national pilot project that aims to pilot a broad, cross-sectoral joint approach to national collaboration on Europe 2020 through the European Semester, with particular reference to joint engagement in the National Reform Programme (NRP), the Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs) and proposals to the Annual Growth Survey (AGS).

PEER-LEARNING SESSION: The European Semester - February 26, 2016 - Brussels, Belgium

In February, the members of the Board of Directors of ENSIE gathered in Brussels to discuss the state of play of the finances and activities of the network. At this occasion, the team held a peer-learning session on the European Semester.

The success of this session lead to the organisation of additional sessions with other members of the network.

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Timeline and Glossary


On 26th November 2015 the Commission has published the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) 2016. The team summarized the main interesting elements from the the 3 main priorities in an analysis dedicated to its members.

This analysis aims to identify the key topics linked to WISEs and possible recommendations within this framework.

For more information about the analysis, please contact ENSIE team on


The country-specific recommendations, as tailored policy guidance to Member States, are one of the key products under the European Semester. In 2015, the team created a summary document for each country where the network has a member in order to tackle topics such as social economy, unemployment and inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the policy framework of the different states of our Members.

For more information about the analysis per country, please contact ENSIE team on

TRAINING: The European Semester process - JUNE 5, 2014 - Porto, Portugal

During its General Assembly meeting, ENSIE organised a training session for its members on the European Semester process.

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