What is the Elexies project?

Elexies. The social enterprise, a tool to fight against exclusion - Project description


  • ENSIE - European Network of Social Integration Enterprises asbl

  • EMES -European Research Network about Social Economy
  • CECOP - The European Confederation of Workers’ Co-operatives, Social Co-operatives and Social and Participative Enterprises

Introduction to the National filing card

This project is specifically concerned with the different types of social enterprise for integration, also known as work integration social enterprise (WISE) in 12 EU countries. Its aim is to identify and describe their main characteristics as social enterprises, the type of work integration they provide, their numbers, and how they have developed and are supported. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a database accessible on internet.

The study is conducted using the EMES Network definition of social enterprise as a common reference point and guideline for determining the social enterprises to be included in the study. The EMES definition distinguishes, on the one hand, between criteria that are more economic and, on the other hand, indicators that are predominantly social.  Read more

Good practices

Here you can find some examples of good practices in different European countries.


For a better recognition of the contribution of the integration social enterprises for social inclusion in the European Union:

  • Introduction: The political orientations as defined by the European Council
  • Preserve and encourage the development of social economy

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