The EC published two reports on long-term unemployment


ENSIE participated actively to the redaction of two reports in the framework of a two-year mutual learning project on long-term unemployment developed by the European Social Fund Transnational Platform.

The first on is on job crafting shows that job carving and job crafting are strategies that match needs of companies with those of individuals. For example, job carving consultants liaise with employers and jobseekers to rearrange work tasks, creating tailor-made jobs that people with reduce work capacities can take on. This is a win for both parties as the jobseekers is able to enter a job that fits their abilities and the employers increase efficiency by using skills of employees to their best advantage.

The second report is on active labour market policies (ALMP), which are activities that can increase a person’s skills and their employability. The report explores the way to mesure ‘soft outcomes’ to make this market more effective for jobseekers, instead of the traditional ‘hard outcomes’ (such as if a person moved into employment after participating in the ALMP). It is hard to achieve those outcomes for long-term unemployed. Soft outcomes could be gaining confidence or developing interpersonal skills, they could be transitional stages on the way to achieve the hard outcomes.

Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE Director was invited to participate to the Panel discussion on “Supporting the long-term unemployed: lessons learnt and ways forward” during the closing conference on “Bringing the long-term unemployed back into work” which was held in Brussels on the 27th June.