Social Cooperative Humana Nova - Croatia

See how Social Economy and Circular Economy can positively mainstream: pictures from Croatia of the collection, sorting, sewing and recycling of old textiles that become new and redesigned clothes and textile products. Here the general detail of Social Cooperative Humana Nova.

(Croatian only)

Bicycle – Entwicklungsprojekt Fahrrad - Austria

Offering temporary jobs to unemployed persons in order to improve their chances on the regular labour market, to offer them coaching, training and qualification and to earn own income to cover part of the cost. Here the general detail of Bicycle.

Dobrovita - Slovenia

The business offers a wide range of services employing the vulnerable, disadvantaged and destitute while aiming for competitiveness and profits. Here the general detail of Dobrovita.

Vägen ut! - Sweden

Future and hope: creating jobs in local community through social cooperatives.